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About Me

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I’ve rewritten this page nearly every week because I’m unsure what you’d want to know ‘about me.’  So for now, I’ll say that my blog is about topics related to my life. You’ll find things about; our garden, preserving food and recipes; our journey of starting a family later in life; crafts like knitting that have resulted from my ‘Baby Madness’; and how I am in recovery from perfectionism and embracing the notion that it is okay to accept that things are ‘good enough for today.’ Tomorrow is new day.  One of the lyrics from one of my husband’s songs is ‘tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life.’  This is something I remind myself each day when I’m struggling with my perfectionism and beating myself up.  It helps to reposition my attitude and know that I always have another chance.

Love it. And Him.
  My Favorite Engagement Photo 

My husband and I are starting our family and thus I’m in TOTAL nesting mode. As a couple we both care about what we consume, grow a lot of our own food and are committed to buying locally and/or organic if it’s an option and we can afford it.  Sunday farmers’ market is one of our ‘dates’ and we spend time with the people we buy from. We can truly say that ‘we know where [most of] our food comes from.’


I am not fond of using the word, frugal or thrifty but I will say that we are learning to be selective and very intentional with our money. It is a work in progress but we are aligning our spending with our priorities.  I LOVE finding deals, I frequent garage sales and thrift stores and try to recycle, upcycle and repurpose as many things as I can.  Not only does this save money, but I have great fun looking for treasures amidst ‘junk’, I get to regularly engage my creative side and of course, I save many things which would otherwise be in a landfill.  Thus, it’s good for our bank account, my sanity, my creative side and for Our Mother Earth.  If you haven’t guessed, I am a bit of an undercover flower-child.  (One day I will share with you more of my story.)

Recently, we have been trying to reduce the amount of extraneous ‘stuff’ in our life, de-cluttering, minimizing and focusing on the things that truly add value to our lives.  We are intentionally filling our lives with things that are useful and bring us joy.  This includes material things, activities and yes, people.  We have made our relationships with people a priority and are very excited to start our family and create a meaningful, supportive, fun, conscious and loving community.

Aren't We Cute?
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Thus, this blog is about doing things to the best of our ability, putting more of our resources into the things that we truly care about and which bring us joy while allowing ourselves to be ‘good enough’ in the areas of life that are necessary but not fulfilling.

As you can see from the title of my blog.  I am committed to learning as I go and finding wisdom in my mistakes.  In my crafting posts, I end with a list of ‘OPPORTUNE MISTAKES – what I learned from the project’ which many readers seem to enjoy the most.

I hope you enjoy what I share, if not, please be kind as I am a work in progress simply trying to do my best and enjoy each day. I welcome all suggestions and input – though keep in mind I do not claim to be infallible nor an expert in anything.  Like most of us, I’m simply learning as I go.  [As you can probably tell by this awkward page layout.]

Blessings to you and yours.

Alethea J  –  and family

Oh how I LOVE my Pickles

PICKLES, our feline daughter from 6 weeks   AKA Princessa Pixels or Picks



Our Big Butter Ball

 BUTTERS our feline son rescued at 5  yrs          AKA  Butterball or Fluffy Butt